Lift caretaker and lift caretaker service

Areas of responsibilities of a lift caretaker

Duties and tasks of the lift caretaker

The regulation on lift systems (AufzV) § 20 stipulates the duties and the tasks of a lift caretaker:

(1) The operator of an elevator system that is meant for public transportation has to employ at least one lift caretaker and to instruct him to,

  1. monitor the system,
  2. report malfunctions that arise on the system to predefined individuals,
  3. restrict the further use of the lift system, if technicians working on it or bystanders might be put in danger by malfunctions,
  4. intervene if people are trapped inside the lift as a result of technical disruptions.

He has to guarantee that a lift caretaker is easily available for as long as the lift system is operational.

(2) One can only be appointed as lift caretaker if one is at least 18 years of age. Another precondition is the successful provision of evidence for ones expert knowledge on ones duties, assessed by an expert. Certificates on the examinations are to be stored at the operating location of the lift system.

(3) The regulatory authority may dictate that a lift caretaker who is lacking the necessary expertise or who repeatedly contravenes with the terms of this regulation or turns out to be untrustworthy may no longer be employed as a lift caretaker.

Lift caretaker service

The agreement on lift caretaker services encompasses the adoption of duties imposed by law, such as recurrent inspections, rescue of passengers trapped within the lift by trained personnel and the like, by a lift manufacturer, if a trained facility manager is not constantly on site.

Supplementary electronic devices monitor the elevator system and convey the data to a mission centre. If a system error or a technical issue is detected, the mission centre sends out a professional technician to eliminate all technical issues on the lift system.

The lift caretaker service contract is agreed upon by operator and elevator manufacturer.

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