Schmitt + Sohn lift systems for office blocks, company headquarters and administrative buildings. Always the right lift.

Durability, reliability, and authenticity. Three related terms which together mean: Reliability. For us, a lift is not only a means of transport. But also a means of communication. Planning, design and construction are therefore an integral part of the development process. 

Optimal communication and the seamless mobility of people in the business environment are a matter of course for us. In the dialogue with architecture and planning process, we develop the correct system for each requirement.



Selected references in the field of administration:

New administration building, Aachen Münchener AG, Aachen (Germany)
Principal / contracting authority: Alpine Bau Deutschland AG, Cologne branch
Architect / specialist planners: kadawittfeldarchitektur gmbh, Aachen
Lift systems: 9

WMO office building, Rabinstrasse, Bonn (Germany)
Principal / contracting authority: nesseler grünzig bau gmbh, Aachen
Lift systems: 3

Medical Solutions training centre, Erlangen (Germany)
Principal / contracting authority: Siemens Grundstücksgesellschaft KASSIA mbH & Co. KG, Erlangen
Architect: Ingenieurbüro Burghart, electrical engineering, Nuremberg
Lift systems: 3

SÜCenter Coburg (Germany)
Principal / contracting authority: Städtische Werke Überlandwerke Coburg GmbH (SUC)
Architect: Dipl.Ing (FH) architects Girndt + Wagner, Coburg
Lift systems: 4

New administration building, Samson AG Frankfurt (Germany)
Principal / contracting authority: Samson AG, Frankfurt
Architect: Engineering office B. Hock, Rodenbach
Lift systems: 2, Group

Soho office building, Innsbruck (Austria)
Principal / contracting authority: Planet Bauobjekt GmbH, Innsbruck
Architect: Dipl.-Ing. Peter Aster, Mils
Lift systems: 2

Tower Plaza - Gaia Nova, Porto (Portugal)
Principal / contracting authority: V8 Gestão Imobiliária, SA
Architect: Arq. Regino Cruz - Regino Cruz Arquitectos e Consultores
Lift systems: 4-er Group FH 75 m, 2.5 m/s

VW Design Center Europe, Potsdam (Germany)
Principal / contracting authority: ARGE VW Design Studio Potsdam, Berlin
Architect: Kock & Lunz engineering firm, Potsdam
Lift systems: 2

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