SG hoistway frames – functional. Modular. Flexible.New perspectives for elevators and architecture.

SG hoistway frames – a dialogue between architecture, design and technology. Can be seen and experienced. Technology at the highest level.

First-class workmanship. Variable design. Glass architecture to emphasise the construction or the optical lightness.

SG hoistway frames design – hoistway frames are part of the architecture and as such have a direct effect on the overall architectural quality. The SG system for hoistway frames offers excellent quality and great variability in the design of hoistway frame architectures. Hoistway frames save space and make the technology visible. Passengers can experience architecture in motion with glass panorama cars. Unusual and impressive. Hoistway frames, elevator cars and architecture are brought together in a special overall quality. We use only galvanized hoistway frames for outdoor applications. We apply a top-quality primer to hoistway frames in indoor applications in preparation for a final coating on site. Various perfected glass fastening and point mount systems are available to secure the panes of glass.

SG hoistway frames efficiency – precise and safe planning. Precise installation. Service-friendly. Fully developed details, top-quality materials and functional surfaces guarantee that it retains its value.

SG hoistway frames comfort and safety – Schmitt + Sohn develop systems for hoistway frames in a direct dialogue between architecture, design and technology. The hoisting frame systems have been developed in accordance with European standards. Naturally type-tested. Our own qualified development, sales, production, installation and service personnel who regularly attend further training courses ensure the highest quality and permanent availability.

For customers who expect top quality and premium design in elevator architecture.

From the belief of a family-run company with a long tradition. In the responsibility towards employees, customers and partners.

Welcome to Schmitt + Sohn.

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