CG - The Color Glass® Elevator – a statement for discerning architecture. Recipient of famous international awards. Elegant. Brilliant. High quality. A glass elevator that will convince you with all its details.

CG Color Glass® Elevator - brilliance, form and function combined to provide the perfect elevator experience..

The Color Glass® Elevator from Schmitt + Sohn is a functional, technically mature glass elevator. The glass surfaces stand out through their beauty and brilliant colour variations as well as their elegant equipment variants.

CG Design – the complete glass elevator. Clear in form and function. Reduced to the essentials. Exceptional elevator architecture in perfection. 

The CG lift cages will impress you through their unique standard equipment and finely tuned accessories to satisfy the highest demands on architecture, technology and design. Our glass elevators are characterised by timeless elegance, 9 brilliant colours, 25 brilliant colour combinations, unique glass precision, excellent processing of top-quality material, generous spatial impressions, intelligent LED light design and convincing equipment details for doors and portals.

CG efficiency – where glass elevators from Schmitt + Sohn set standards. No machine room, space-saving, with low energy and operating costs. Apart from the outstanding advantages of the drive system, the CG is your first choice for a future-proof investment: as a high-quality, unique and innovative series product. Easy to plan. Quick to manufacture. Safe to install. Service-friendly.

CG comfort and safety – convincing ergonomics and excellent travelling comfort characterise our glass elevators.

The people who use, operate and service the Color Glass® Elevator enjoy the effective protection offered by a comprehensive safety concept. Developed in accordance with European standards. Naturally type-tested. Our own qualified development, sales, production, installation and service personnel who regularly attend further training courses ensure the highest quality and permanent availability.

For customers who place the highest demands on product and architecture quality and who are looking for long-term partnerships. A glass elevator that will delight you from planning through to service. An elevator that has set international standards. An elevator quality you will appreciate.

From the belief of a family-run company with a long tradition. In the responsibility towards employees, customers and partners.

Welcome to Schmitt + Sohn.

Standard equipment

BT-I-TFT-LED Control Panel
BT-I-TFT-LED Control Panel
LD7-LED wall washer
HL hand rail, stainless steel fine ground
HL Hand Rail stainless steel, fine grind
skirting board stainless steel fine ground base
Cab and shaft door with wall connection T1, closed
cabin and landing door with brickwork attachment T1
Landing door with brickwork attachment T1 and brickwork edging M1. treshold detail
Cabin and landing door with brickwork attachment and service frame
Cabin and landing door with brickwork attachment and service frame, threshold detail
BT-TP-CG-1 Control Panel

Accessories - for individual requirements

BT-I-EN81-70-G control panel
AT-I-TFT-LED display panel
LD7-LED-RGB wall washer
LD7-LED-RGB wall washer
LD5X-LED illuminated ceiling
LD5X-LED-RGB illuminated ceiling
LD8-LED illuminated ceiling
CG detail baggage protection white
CG detail hand rail corner white
TNS2-LED tableau name plates
TNS2-LED tableau name plates
Cabin and landing door with brickwork attachment T1
Cabin and landing door with brickwork attachment T1, stainless steel
Cabin and landing door with brickwork attachment T1 and CG1 Color Glas® Portal
BT-TP-CG-2 control panel two-button and collective group control

Product specification

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CG The Color Glass® Elevator - product specification.

We have developed the Color Glass Elevator for everyone in search of first-rate performances.

64 colour combinations for the car walls in brilliant white, silk grey, dark blue, deep orange, light green, light blue, beige and light yellow.

The car portals can also be chosen from our 8 Color Glass design colours.

Hand rails, plinths, control panels, indicator panels and short travel keys of satin polished stainless steel for the highest possible value retention.

Wall washer, indirect, glare-free, with illuminated frame. Schmitt + Sohn light design.

Light curtain at door height for safety and convenience.

Gearless drive units ensure quiet operation, reduce wear and low power consumption.


Side walls
Color Glass® Panels. Tempered safety glass ESG, powder-coated on rear, covering the entire surface, glass framing systems and pilaster stripsSatin polished stainless steel. Brilliant colours. Easy-care surfaces.Generous spatial impression.
Rear wall mirror
Mirror S6, glass with shatter protection film, rear wall, one-piece, light, ground and polished mirror edges, satin polished stainless steel mirror surrounds.
Car corners
Satin polished stainless steel.
White. Concealed, generously dimensioned car ventilation in car depth on both side walls.
Granite, light-grey
Sunken car floor for customer’s covering
Satin polished stainless steel. Concealed, generously dimensioned car ventilation.
Protective strips
Baggage protection strips, satin polished stainless steel, 100 x 20mm.
LD7 wall washer, indirect, glare-free. Painted metal shade, brilliant white.Filter disk and lamp frame of white acrylic glass, semitransparent.
T5 fluorescent tube, neutral white
LED neutral white, LED RGB with colour control
Car control panel
Stainless steel with finishing grinding, positioned suitable for the handicapped to DIN EN 81-70:2005-09, concealed attachment. Information panel acrylic glass, white, light frame acrylic glass, white, satin finish. Display high-resolution TFT. Short-travel buttons, flush, round, button surface stainless steel, call acceptance blue LED, symbols plastic, light grey.
Stainless steel with finishing grinding, suitable for the handicapped to DIN EN 81-70:2005-09 Appendix G, horizontal, concealed attachment. Separate information panel. Large, raised buttons, round, button surface stainless steel, call acceptance blue LED, symbols raised, tactile, plastic, light grey.
Car portal
Stainless steel with finishing grinding.
Door drive
Energy-saving regulated drive with intelligent travel measurement.
Door monitoring
2-D safety light grid over full door height (no light barrier!).
3-D safety light grid with vestibule monitoring.
Shaft doors
Wall bezel settings M1, primed, stainless steel with finishing grinding, stainless steel, linen.
Shaft doors control panel
Large surface buttons, adapted to the needs of the disabled in accordance with DIN EN 81-70:2005-09 Annex G, panel width 80mm
Control unit
Single-button collective control in the latest bus technology. Fast orientation and avoidance of wasted trips for short waiting times and a high transportation capacity. Service panel in the uppermost stop,primed. Overload control. Frequency control for load-independent speed curves and flush stop. Battery-buffered, load-dependent emergency-release procedures at the next stop.
Auxiliary power and evacuation functions. Access control systems. Penthouse control. Priority travel with key-operated switch. Floor announcement. Direction of travel indicators and acoustic signals in accordance with DIN EN 81-70:2005-09. Interfaces to building management system.
Service panel stainless steel with finishing grinding.
Service panel at any stopping point or neighbouring rooms.
Collective two-button control, collective group control.
Remote emergency call
Digital emergency call and diagnosis system to EN 81-28 for emergency call transmission to the continually-manned Schmitt + Sohn Service Centre. Electronic misuse suppression.
Video misuse detection for the digital remote alarm and diagnosis system.
Remote monitoring of lift attendant functions, transmission of diagnosis data, GSM module.
Gearless cable drive in the shaft. High efficiency and low power consumption. Speed 1.0 and 1.6 m/sec. Travel height up to 40m.
Load carriers
Plastic-coated steel ropes, very quiet operation, reduced wear (compared to conventional steel ropes), ø > 8mm, maintenance-free. No electronic monitoring and no lubricant needed