• Supply of spare parts for your elevator

Spare parts for lifts 24 / 365 / 0

24 hours a day, 365 days a year – with 0 waiting time.

The most annoying thing for any lift operator. There are not really favourable situations, but plenty of unfavourable ones. In the event of operating disruptions, only one thing is mostly expected of the maintenance company: fast results.

This is also our claim. It is the moment

  • … of our service technician, who has the important spare parts available.
  • … of the 425 service vehicles as mobile spare parts stores with more than 300 of the most important wear and tear parts
  • … or of the central S+ warehouse across manufacturers with over 10,0000 parts in Nuremberg. Fore we deliver even special components, overnight, if they are ordered before 16:00.

Mounting a spare part is the moment, when high quality components from our own production find their direct way to the customer.

The opportunity for unconditional reliability and pinpointed reaction.

The first day of the 20-year spare part guarantee. A classic S+ 24/365/0-moment.

Schmitt + Sohn: More than just a lift



Our spare parts sales are also available to qualified and specialist customers. Please send us your enquiry giving the

  • Lift number
  • Components number (possibly with photo)

to service@schmitt-aufzuege.de. We will send you a non-binding offer for the required spare part as soon as possible.

S+ 24/365/0-b2b: Best service for special performance on site.