HL hand rail system – functional. Modular. Flexible. Design and technology for high-quality elevator systems. Excellent components for premium architecture.

HL hand rail system - excellent quality, purist, functional design and convincing technology are characteristic of the hand rail systems from Schmitt + Sohn.

Modular design and highly flexible use. Hand rail systems conceived for all functional requirements on car design. Winners of famous international design awards.

HL hand rail design – first-class product design. Clear in form and function - reduced to the essentials. Purist, independent and unmistakeable, modular and systematic design. HL hand rail systems for elevators satisfy the highest demands on function, ergonomics, comfort and loads. All parts of the HL hand rail system are made from solid, high-strength, satin-polished stainless steel. Intelligent design principles allow different installation arrangements. The hand rails can be installed individually on the side and rear walls depending on the functional requirements and car design. All-round hand rails can be realised for all elevator cars with special hand rail holders and supports.

HL hand rail efficiency – easy to plan. Safe to install. Flexible and service-friendly. Top-quality materials, functional surfaces and the careful design of clever details guarantee that they retain their value. 

HL hand rail comfort and safety – convincing ergonomics, functionality and top-quality materials for equipment components are the result of an intensive Schmitt + Sohn innovation dialogue involving architecture, design and technology. The HL hand rail systems have been developed in accordance with European standards. Naturally type-tested. Our own qualified development, sales, production, installation and service personnel who regularly attend further training courses ensure the highest quality and permanent availability.

For customers who expect first-rate technical and design performances.

We create values. In the responsibility towards employees, customers and partners.

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