• Equipment for your elevator.

Equipment variants for Schmitt + Sohn Elevators

By concentrating on what is essential we develop exceptional equipment features.

All materials, colours and surfaces are carefully selected and matched. The sensible and manageable number allow a safe and balanced design.

As well as the extensive standard equipment our lifts offer a great variety of matching equipment variants.

Timeless elegance and highest value retention for discerning architecture.

An international award-winning design.

Discover the equipment for your individual lift:

Lighting and ceilings - LD Light systems


Control panels

Materials, colours, surfaces

Doors and portals

Car protection rails

Planning manual download

This planning manual gives planners, architects and builders a systematic orientation for the first draft planning. Architecture, design, technology in dialogue, a challenge and task that we deal with every day with great dedication.

We offer you helpful information from our interactive planning manual for initial planning support. (37 MB!)

Download Schmitt+Sohn Interactive Planning manual