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Unique products and excellent service – S+ elevators create mobility.

Impressive quality
We use only high-quality materials for our elevators: handrail systems made of precision-ground stainless steel, LED lighting systems with glare-free light and select doors and portals. Our ergonomic control panels with clearly legible information give the equipment a functional design that is reduced to the essentials.

Simple planning
Practical in planning, fast in production, safe in assembly and absolutely service-friendly. Our personal and customised project support ensure that projects run smoothly. S+ stands for enduring partnerships through excellent service.

Outstanding design
S+ elevators have been honoured with internationally renowned design and architecture awards. For us, a passenger elevator is not only a means of transport, but also a means of communication: S+ elevators are the product of a dialogue between architecture, design and technology.

High economic efficiency
S+ elevators also have low operating and energy costs thanks to their innovative drive technology. Moreover, thanks to the machine room-less drive system, the elevators are extremely space-saving. The quality of the materials and detailed solutions make S+ elevators a future-proof investment.

Comfortable safety
Our development focuses on safety, ergonomics and ride comfort. We have developed our safety concept in line with European standards. Our own qualified employees ensure the quality and availability of the elevator systems, which are of course type-tested.
Since we rely exclusively on our own production, personnel and spare parts availability, we guarantee continuously available service at all times for all S+ elevators.

Centuries of experience in elevator construction
The planning, design and construction of a elevator are basic elements of one and the same development process. The result combines design, function and sustainability in equal measure. The passion of a well-coordinated team and the experience of a sixth-generation family business guarantee a successful project outcome.


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Our personal lifts –
types and configuration

Traction passenger elevators without machine room (AOM)
Optimal technical design for travel heights ≤ 45 m and v ≤ 1.6 m/s.

Traction passenger elevators with machine room (SP)
Optimal technical design for travel heights > 30 m and v ≤ 2.5 m/s.
Drive above the elevator shaft.

Roped hydraulic passenger elevators (HPI)
A drive concept for simple to medium requirements.
Typical field of application: mid-sized residential or commercial buildings and hotels.
Recommended maximum travel height: 18 m. The machine room is variable.

Direct-acting hydraulic passenger elevators (HP)
The economical alternative for travel heights up to 3.5 m.
Machine room is variable.

You can find planning aids and documents on passenger elevators as well as our interactive product configurator here.