• New brand insignia

S+ is constantly refining its succesful brand.

The family company Schmitt + Sohn is publishing its updated brand insignia, which is part of a communicational digitisation process.

When developing the insignia, the aim was to take the brand into the future and to meet the requirements for modern digital communication. Due to the reduction to the essentials and the clarity of expression, its whole look is even better suited to a digital space. The updated insignia follows the aesthetics of “flat design”: precisely constructed, upright and uncomplicated. The same thing applies to communication and design: relevance, clarity, stance and a reduction to the essentials. The figurative mark “S+” is brought into the foreground.

Schmitt + Sohn is known for very high standards of design. The lift specialist is constantly refining its brand and its products, but the values and the high quality standards of the company, which is now run by the sixth generation of the family, remain the same.
“Our company strategy is based on the concentration of all our resources on just three core competencies: employees, products and intelligent processes,” says Anna von Hinüber. The managing partner is convinced that a successful company is constantly evolving and at the same time – transcending short-lived trends – is committed to timeless values.