MFO system for materials colours surfaces – functional. Modular. Flexible. Brilliant details for unique and individual elevator architecture.

MFO materials colours surfaces – timeless quality and modest elegance.

Selected matching, high-quality and easy-care materials. Brilliant colours and functional surfaces. Precision in every detail. Sustainable and variable design. Indicators of a precise and sensible system for elevator materials, interior colours for cars and functional surfaces.

MFO system for materials colours surfaces design – the system for materials, colours and surfaces is characterised by a modular structure, great flexibility and functionality that includes both technical-constructive as well as communicative, aesthetic and environmentally-related functional aspects of elevator design. Both the systematic design as well as the sensible and manageable number of carefully matched product details, materials, colours and surfaces allow the efficient and sustainable design of elevators.

MFO system for materials colours surfaces efficiency – precise and safe planning. Service-friendly. Top-quality materials, timeless colour design and functional surfaces guarantee that it retains its value. 

MFO system for materials colours surfaces comfort and safety – Schmitt + Sohn develop systems for materials, colours and surfaces in a direct dialogue between architecture, design and technology. Our own qualified development, sales, production, installation and service personnel who regularly attend further training courses ensure the highest quality and permanent availability.

For customers who expect optimum ergonomic, technical and design performances, variability and flexibility from the design of their elevators. For customers who want to present their attitude and their aspirations in an exceptional and individual elevator design.

From the belief of a family-run company with a long tradition. In the responsibility towards employees, customers and partners.

Welcome to Schmitt + Sohn.

Standard equipment

plastic coating white
plastic coating light-grey
plastic coating lime green
plastic coating deep orange
plastic coating pastel blue
plastic coating pearl white
matte varnish light gray
matte varnish stone gray
matte varnish sapphire grey
Color Glas® brilliant white
Color Glas® silk gray
Color Glas® deep black
Color Glas® dark blue
Color Glas® deep orange
Color Glas® lime
Color Glas® light blue
Color Glas® beige
Color Glas® light yellow
CG-X Color Glas® brilliant white
CG-X Color Glas® jet black
Mirror bright
Mirror bright satined HR 20
VGS Laminated safety glass transparent
VSG transparent satin finish HR 20
stainless steel fine ground
stainless steel lines
stainless steel check
stainless steel WL
Powder coating Brilliant white
Stainless steel fine ground
synthetic glass white semitransparent
Laminated safety glass semitransparent
VSG laminated safety glass satinized HR 20
Plastic light grey
Plastic sand light
Plastic pastel blue
Plastic medium gray
Plastic dark gray
Plastic blue
Rubber knobs light gray
Rubber knobs gray
Rubber knobs anthracite
Rubber knobs green
Rubber knobs blue gray
Rubber knobs blue
Granite light gray
Granite black
Granite white gray
Granite gray
Linoleum light gray
Linoleum medium gray
Linoleum gray orange
Linoleum gray-blue
Linoleum Orange
Linoleum blue
DC 2 Stripes
Stainless steel fine ground
synthetic glass white high gloss polish
synthetic glass black matte
Stainless steel fine ground
Stainless steel fine ground
Beech hardwood composite