Born out of a passion for excellent elevator architecture – the ISI 2040® sets international standards as an award-winning series product.

High-quality series product
The ISI 2040® is suitable for use in all areas, making it unique in its price class. As an elevator system that has been tried and tested thousands of times over, it boasts all the major advantages of an established series product. The continuous development of sophisticated detailed solutions ensures the lasting value of the elevator.

Elegant design
Appealing colours and functional surfaces characterize the design of the elevator. With international awards, the ISI 2040® stands for a focus on the essentials. The high quality of the equipment makes the machine room-less elevator a future-proof investment.
Custom solutions
The ISI 2040® is available with an impressive range of selected materials to suit individual demands on architecture, function, technology and design. Perfectly adapted accessories, such as our glare-free LED lighting systems, our handrail systems made of precision-ground stainless steel and our clearly legible control panels make it an elevator of choice. A system of high-quality doors and portals complements the exquisite range of equipment. Thanks to state-of-the-art elevator technology combined with a high level of efficiency, the ISI 2040® stands for reliability, permanent availability and ride comfort. Of course, we also offer a comprehensive safety concept and low energy and operating costs thanks to the unique advantages of our drive technology.

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Accessories - for individual requirements

Product specification

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ISI 2040® public elevator - product specification.

By concentrating on the essentials - functionality and quality of design - Schmitt + Sohn develop outstanding and long-lasting elevators.

The extensive standard equipment of the ISI 2040 public elevator is unique in its price category.

Hand rails, plinths, control panels, indicator panels and short travel keys of satin polished stainless steel for the highest possible value retention.

Schmitt + Sohn light design. Wall washer, indirect, glare-free, with illuminated frame. Light curtain at door height for safety and convenience.

Gearless drive units and plastic-coated steel ropes ensure quiet operation, reduce wear and low power consumption.

The complete product specifications for the ISI 2040 elevator can be found in the product brochure.