Assuming social responsibility - setting an example.

Schmitt + Sohn Elevators manifests ecological, social and humane standards.

We know that the company, shareholders and executives bear a social responsibility. Our corporate alignment is aimed at securing jobs. We regard our company as part of the society in which we all live. We stand up for its liberal and democratic fundamental order. We support society wherever we can offer sensible and sustainable help with our special proprietary and personnel resources.

Schmitt+Sohn Elevators was awarded the Prize for a Non-Discriminatory Corporate Culture of the city of Nuremberg in 2012.   This award honours outstanding entrepreneurial commitment in the field of human rights.

The City Council hereby followed the unanimous decision of the jury that was chaired by the Mayor Dr. Ulrich Maly on 25 July 2012. The outstanding entrepreneurial commitment of Schmitt+Sohn was measured on the basis of a catalogue of criteria and honoured accordingly, above all in the fields of:

- Communication of values to trainees and the recruitment of disadvantaged trainees
- Integration services for social marginalised groups
- Family friendliness
- Healthy working climate
- Employee’s right to adherence to management principles

The prize statue was designed and made by the art student Beate Zollbrecht (Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg).

Image rights for the photos are held by Doris Groß, Human Rights Office, Nuremberg.