LD illuminated ceilings – functional. Modular. Flexible. Brilliant light for discerning elevator architecture.

LD illuminated ceilings – convincing light design and the latest LED light technology for premium elevator systems.

Excellent quality, high functionality, purist light design and convincing LED light technology are the key characteristics of LD illuminated ceilings from Schmitt + Sohn. Modular design and highly flexible use. Conceived for all functional requirements on car lighting. For customers who expect first-rate performances when it comes to car interior design.

Winner of famous international design awards. Schmitt + Sohn re-designs the 4th dimension of architecture.

LD illuminated ceilings design – first-class light. Design, clear in form and function - reduced to the essentials. Purist. Confident and uncompromising. Light is one of the big design and planning topics in modern architecture. Light shapes, highlights, stages, orientates, sketches and outlines, light is associated with emotions, light conjures up associations. Light becomes lighting architecture. Schmitt + Sohn offers excellent lighting solutions for elevator cars aimed at a comfort-oriented and spacious appearance with systematic LD illuminated ceilings and mature LED technology. The lighting design of the elevator cars hereby follows the requirements of efficient and accented architectural lighting. Vertical light plays an outstanding role in architecture. Schmitt + Sohn translates this special guidance of light into independent and outstanding lighting design. Newly developed LED wall washers and LED illuminated ceilings set standards with their design and functional equipment. Intelligent LED-RGB colour controls enable a wide range of attractive designs using light. Colours, changing colours and rhythmic colours can be very effectively combined with each other. This creates convincing, inspiring and unusual light moods in the elevator car. Lighting moods can be programmed according to specific customer, design or functional requirements. Applications include: simulation of a natural pattern of daylight, creation of lighting moods, coloured visualisation of floors.

LD lighting systems efficiency – easy to plan. Safe to install. Service-friendly. Choose from wall washers, illuminated ceilings, recessed ceiling luminaires and recessed ceiling spotlights, all fitted with LED technology. Top-quality materials, sophisticated lighting technologies and the careful design of clever details guarantee that they retain their value.

LD lighting systems comfort and safety – variable, efficient, glare-free and systematically designed lighting components are the result of an intensive development dialogue involving architecture, design and technology. Developed in accordance with European standards. Naturally type-tested. Our own qualified development, sales, production, installation and service personnel who regularly attend further training courses ensure the highest quality and permanent availability.

From the belief of a family-run company with a long tradition. In the responsibility towards employees, customers and partners.

Welcome to Schmitt + Sohn.

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