All elevators are monitored in real time in the NEXSD CUSTOMER COCKPIT®.

All systems in view
All relevant information on your elevators is displayed on a clear and transparent dashboard. This allows you to monitor and assess, for instance, the availability of your systems, the average travel times, or the operating hours on certain days of the week.

Avoid unnecessary travel
If a fault is reported, you can check the condition of the system immediately. This helps avoid time- and cost-intensive unnecessary travel.

Simple and manufacturer-independent
NEXSD® is compatible with over 100 different controllers from multiple different manufacturers, and can be retrofitted at any time without modifying the controller. Contact us, we would be happy to help you.

Free for all customers with NEXSD AWM® contract option
The NEXSD CUSTOMER COCKPIT® is free of charge for anyone who already has a NEXSD AWM®. The option can be booked at any time.

Access from anywhere
With NEXSD®, you have got quick access, no matter where you are. Avoid unnecessary travel and associated costs, and monitor your elevators from any location.

Custom access rights
Easily regulate which users can view which systems: Customised access rights give you control of your data at all times.

Easily commission repairs
If repairs are required, you can use NEXSD® to easily commission and approve repair orders.

Outstanding data protection
At S+, data protection is a top priority. That is why we work with partners who guarantee the highest security and protection for your data in Germany. In addition, the NEXSD BOX® undergoes regular security updates.