FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the Elevator

Frequently asked questions and answers on lifts, elevator systems, their maintenance and modernization

Why should I sign a maintenance contract during the warranty period? I have a warranty!"

The structural substance of new buildings changes in the first few years.  The building "settles". These structural changes can significantly impair the operating characteristics and functional safety of the elevator system. This can result in increased wear and even failure of the elevator system.

The special care taken in the course of preventive maintenance when checking and carrying out adjustment work ensures that the elevator system functions, is comfortable to use and retains its value from day one.

Isn't it cheaper to have the elevator system inspected regularly and only act when necessary?

Cheaper, yes, but not economical, and as the operator you would run an incalculable liability risk.

Care and adjustment work, which is an essential part of preventive maintenance, extends the life cycles of wearing parts and prevents secondary damage to high-quality assemblies.

Can I increase the conveying capacity and save energy at the same time?

Yes, by optimizing traffic routes and reducing travel and waiting times.

By replacing existing individual controls with group controls for shared travel shafts.

Can I reduce downtimes?

Yes, the high availability of spare parts for standard assemblies guarantees you shorter repair times.

Local and remote diagnostic interfaces provide access to the controller's operating and error data. They support and shorten troubleshooting and therefore repair times.

Can I increase operating convenience?

Yes, clearly and ergonomically designed operating and display elements in and in front of the cabin guide passengers visually to their destination.

Can the control system be adapted to my individual transport requirements?

Yes, options such as priority control, individual access authorization, fire department control, fire control, load measurement, etc. allow flexible adaptation to specific traffic requirements.

How can I maintain the value and function of my new control system in the long term?

Easy-care and vandal-proof design of our control and display elements are the prerequisite for maintaining the value and functionality of the components that your passengers come into contact with every day.

The use of standardized assemblies ensures that spare parts, operating elements and functional additions can be supplied at any time.

The professional and regular inspection, care and performance of necessary readjustment work preventively reduces breakdowns. These services form the basis of our maintenance contracts.

Can I replace my existing cabin with a new cabin?

Yes, by replacing the cabin with an insert cabin, you can choose from all the same design and layout options as for a new installation.


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