• Lift cabs

Modernisation of lift cabs

A new lift cab. Exceptional cabs with convincing overall quality

Lift cabs with discrete elegance and highest value retention. Cab accessories with high-quality materials and the ingenious design of sophisticated individually coordinated detail solutions ensure the value retention of your lift.

The design of lift cabs is based on functional design, clear forms, restrained elegance and matching materials, colours and surfaces.

Ceilings - Light determines quite essentially the function and impression of the lift cabs. Selected, high-quality lighting components are available for selecting the lighting design. Different surface patterns underline the special design quality of the light ceilings.
Schmitt + Sohn Service light design. See colours. Experience light.

Handrails - The design of the handrails is based on a functional system that can react flexibly to different requirements. Handrails and handrail holders made of stainless steel are a guarantee for highest quality.

Control panels and operating panels - Functionality determines the design of control panels and operating panels. Clear structuring of different functional elements and displays ensure users are quickly aware of their environment and operate the controls confidently. Components such as buttons and cover plates are made from stainless steel.
To ensure many years of use. Illuminated frames accentuate the control panels and create
Extraordinary lighting effects.

Materials, colours, surfaces - The reasonable and manageable number of selected and coordinated materials, colours and surfaces enables the safe and balanced design of the lift cabs.

Cabs with plastic coatings

The solution for all situations

Cabs made of stainless steel

The material for generations

Cabs with panel versions

Timeless elegance