• Lift control systems and control panels

Lift control systems and control panels

Intelligent lift control systems for more economic use.

Optimise traffic flows, reduce costs, energy consumption and waiting times. Modern lift control systems tailored to the type of building in which they are installed combine all of these advantages. A maximum of ride comfort and safety.

The microprocessor technology used with its versatile range of communication options guarantees low maintenance costs in conjunction with the highest levels of functionality.

Options for flexible adaptation to specific traffic requirements

  • Priority control
  • Individual access authorisation
  • Fire service control
  • Load measurement

Lift control systems - Versions

Type: MC12 with frequency control
Version: Microprocessor control with bus technology

  • Single button collective control
    for medium-sized residential and office buildings, hotels
  • Descending collective control
    Residential and office buildings, visitor lifts in hospitals, each
    focusing on traffic at the main entrance
  • Twin button collective control
    Larger office and administrative buildings, department stores, hospitals
    and hotels - buildings with traffic between different levels
  • Collective control unit
    Multi-storey buildings, hospitals, larger office and administrative buildings
    with several lift systems

Control panels. For individual demands on the lift.


  • Single button collective control
  • Twin button and collective control

Technical data

  • Dimensions: HWD 305x66x2 mm (door/portal) / 1250x150x15 mm (cab)
  • Control panel: Stainless steel with finishing grinding
  • Buttons: Stainless steel with finishing grinding, flush-mounted
  • Call acceptance: LED blue
  • Symbols: Plastic light grey
  • Display: LED blue (door/portal) / high-resolution TFT (cab)
  • Light frame: Acrylic glass white, satin finish, LED white (cab)
  • Information panel: Acrylic glass white (cab)