Excellent planning.

Planning competence of Schmitt + Sohn Elevators.

Excellent planning is the first step. Lasting values are the result. Schmitt + Sohn’s planning manual is one of the standard works for planning high-quality lift systems for nearly two decades. A planning aid for top-quality products that have won international awards, placing emphasis on quality without compromising, despite all trends.

The planning of customer-oriented and high-performance lift systems is a complex task, where success can be influenced by a multitude of different factors.

Careful planning should involve the type of building at an early stage, an adequate size and number of lifts as well as the legal standards and regulations in the planning approach. Once the number and size of the lifts have been determined, the selection of the right drive solution, which is often dependent on the constructional circumstances, is the prerequisite for the economic operation and the performance of the system. The cabin’s equipment, design and access point should be selected primarily so that functional aspects harmonise with the architecture.

Requirements regarding accessibility for persons including persons with a disability according to EN 81-70:2005-09 are to be coordinated between suppliers, builders and customers before conclusion of the contract.

We will be happy to advise you personally in the case of existing buildings and shafts or confined spaces. Please get in touch with the branch responsible for you.

Planning manual download

This planning manual gives planners, architects and builders a systematic orientation for the first draft planning. Architecture, design, technology in dialogue, a challenge and task that we deal with every day with great dedication.

We offer you helpful information from our interactive planning manual for initial planning support. (37 MB!)

Download Schmitt+Sohn Interactive Planning manual