Schmitt + Sohn lift systems for an improved shopping experience. Safe and - of course - all type-tested.

We have been successfully designing, constructing and maintaining lift systems for over 100 years now – including for the retail sector. Each year 1,400 units leave our plants. 

The basis for long-term relationships with our customers and our employees, is reliability on a corporate level. And this has been the case for a while, now.

You can benefit from our experience as a partner in retail architecture.


Lift systems for the retail sector - Selected references: 

Swarovski Shop, K8, Vienna
Principal / contracting authority: Swarovski Wien GesmbH, Vienna
Architect: Malojer, Scherf und Partner
Baumanagement GesmbH, Vienna
Lift systems: 1 

CityCenter Ceské Budejovice (Czech Republic)
Principal / contracting authority: Hochtief CZ a.s., Ceské Budejovice
Architect: Atelier Eis s.r.o., Ceské Budejovice 1Lift systems: 10

Opatov centre, Prague, Czech Republic (CZ)
Principal / contracting authority: Metrostav a. s., Prague Architect / specialist planner: OMICRON-K architectural firm, Prague
lift systems: 7

Passagem Pedonal, Alhandra / Vila Franca (Portugal)
Principal / contracting authority: CPTP
Architect: Arquitrónica, Lda - Arq. Pedro Martins
Lift systems: 2

Lexus Forum, Frankfurt (Germany)
Principal / contracting authority: Ed. Züblin AG, Stuttgart
Lift systems: 1

VW Design Center Europe, Potsdam (Germany)
Principal / contracting authority: ARGE VW Design Studio Potsdam, Berlin
Architect: Kock & Lunz engineering firm, Potsdam
Lift systems: 2

Praça de Touros - Campo Pequeno, bullring and shopping centre, Lisbon (Portugal)
Principal / contracting authority: SRUCP, SA
Architect: Arq. José Bruschy, Arq. Pedro Fidalgo Arqª Filomena Vicente, Arq. Lourenço Vicente
Lift systems: 20 lifts, 10 escalators, 2 passenger conveyors


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