• Gearless Kit 2:1

Gearless Kit 2:1 - The smaller high-performance drive for lifts

Smaller drive, lower costs, greater benefit.

The Gearless Kit 2:1 enables the replacement of existing, outdated gear drives (suspension 1:1) by a gearless drive with innovative load carriers (suspension 2:1).

Smaller, compacter, cheaper. The benefit: Double path at half power at the current state of technology.

The solution for more economic efficiency, increased ride comfort, reduction of noise emission and saving thanks to energy efficiency.

Scope of application of the Gearless Kit 2:1

  • Lifts with machine rooms
  • Lifting capacity 320kg - 1000kg
  • Retrofitting existing suspension 1:1 to 2:1
  • Lifting height <= 30m