• Redesign of successful lift series

New colours, new materials, excellent details. Schmitt + Sohn Elevators presents the redesign of the lift series ISI 2040®, CG Color Glass® Lifts and GP Glass P

With the new design of the trailblazing and award-winning lift series, receiving international design prizes, Schmitt + Sohn again formulates a clear and self-confident statement for unique lift design. Functional, elegant, high-quality. Timeless values for discerning architecture.

For customers who place the highest demands on product and architecture quality and who are looking for long-term partnerships. Lift systems that will delight you from planning through to service. Lift systems that have set international standards and that will delight you.

The redesign of the lift series, ISI 2040®, CG Color Glass® Lifts and GP Glass Panorama Lifts follows a stringent and succinct product philosophy. Clear in form and function. Reduced to the essentials. Exceptional lift architecture in perfection. 

The exceptional quality of the lift series will impress you through their unique standard equipment and finely tuned accessories to satisfy the highest demands on architecture, technology and design. Brilliant colours, environmentally-friendly materials from renewable raw materials, easy-care surfaces, exemplary glass precision, excellent processing of high-grade materials, spacious room effects, intelligent lighting design and the latest LED technologies as well as convincing equipment details for doors and portals characterise the new lift series. 

Developed for architecture that wished to set new standards, planned and built for people with great care and sustainability.