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TW\Twglossary\Domain\Model\Glossaryprototypepersistent entity (uid=109, pid=118)
   headline => protected'TRCG' (4 chars)
   subheadline => protected'What does the abbreviation TRAV stand for?' (42 chars)
   title => protected'TRCG' (4 chars)
   description => protected'<div>Short for &quot;Technical Regulations for Crash-protected Glazing&quot;
       (e.g. for hoistway scaffoldings)</div>
' (117 chars) related => protectedNULL uid => protected109 (integer) _localizedUid => protected234 (integer)modified _languageUid => protected3 (integer)modified _versionedUid => protected109 (integer)modified pid => protected118 (integer)


What does the abbreviation TRAV stand for?

Short for "Technical Regulations for Crash-protected Glazing" (e.g. for hoistway scaffoldings)

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