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TW\Twglossary\Domain\Model\Glossaryprototypepersistent entity (uid=29, pid=118)
   headline => protected'Double request inhibitor' (24 chars)
   subheadline => protected'What does the double request inhibitor do in lifts?' (51 chars)
   title => protected'Double request inhibitor' (24 chars)
   description => protected'Prevents in the case of <a href="t3://record?identifier=glossary&amp;uid=9">
      Twin button collective control units</a> the simultaneous input of external
      requests, ascending- and descending. <br /><br />Avoids unnecessary stops, r
      educes waiting periods, increases the <a href="t3://record?identifier=glossa
      ry&amp;uid=35">lifting capacity</a> and saves energy.
' (357 chars) related => protectedNULL uid => protected29 (integer) _localizedUid => protected154 (integer)modified _languageUid => protected3 (integer)modified _versionedUid => protected29 (integer)modified pid => protected118 (integer)

Double request inhibitor

What does the double request inhibitor do in lifts?

Prevents in the case of Twin button collective control units the simultaneous input of external requests, ascending- and descending.

Avoids unnecessary stops, reduces waiting periods, increases the lifting capacity and saves energy.

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