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TW\Twglossary\Domain\Model\Glossaryprototypepersistent entity (uid=63, pid=118)
   headline => protected'Vacant load' (11 chars)
   subheadline => protected'Vacant load: Car without load' (29 chars)
   title => protected'Vacant load' (11 chars)
   description => protected'<div>Car without load. <br /><br />If internal orders are given in an empty 
      car, these are deleted as “illogical calls” (example: children playing).
      <br /><br /></div> <div>See also:<a href="t3://record?identifier=glossary&a
      mp;uid=35"> Conveyor capacity</a>, Increase of conveyor capacity</div>
' (298 chars) related => protectedTW\Twglossary\Domain\Model\Glossaryprototypepersistent entity (uid=64, pid=118) headline => protected'Cargo gauge' (11 chars) subheadline => protected'Cargo gauge in lifts' (20 chars) title => protected'Cargo gauge' (11 chars) description => protected'<div>Gauges the load using a cargo gauge system. Common measuring points are
          vacant-, full- or excess-load.<br /><br /></div> <div>See also:<a href="t3
         ://record?identifier=glossary&amp;uid=63"> Vacant-load</a>&nbsp;, <a href="t
         3://record?identifier=glossary&amp;uid=123">Full-load</a> or <a href="t3://r
' (364 chars) related => protectedNULL uid => protected64 (integer) _localizedUid => protected189 (integer)modified _languageUid => protected3 (integer)modified _versionedUid => protected64 (integer)modified pid => protected118 (integer)
uid => protected63 (integer) _localizedUid => protected188 (integer)modified _languageUid => protected3 (integer)modified _versionedUid => protected63 (integer)modified pid => protected118 (integer)

Vacant load

Vacant load: Car without load

Car without load.

If internal orders are given in an empty car, these are deleted as “illogical calls” (example: children playing).

See also: Conveyor capacity, Increase of conveyor capacity

see also : Cargo gauge

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